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Shipping costs and methods

Please note Standard and Express do not ship or deliver on the weekends.

United States

StandardExpress 2-DayExpress Next Day
Delivery time3-8 business days*Delivery time2 business daysDelivery timeNext business day
MethodGroundMethodTwo DayMethodNext Day

*Standard shipping is only an estimate, actual times may vary depending on destination.


Standard Orders Over $100Standard Orders Under $100
Delivery Time10-15 business days*Delivery Time10-15 business days*
Package TrackingNoPackage TrackingNo
Import Duties and Taxes **Due on delivery, paid to the carrierImport Duties and Taxes **Due on delivery, paid to the carrier

*Standard shipping is only an estimate, actual times may vary depending on destination.
**“Duties & Taxes” means “Import Fees” as defined in the International Shipping Terms & Conditions.

Possible delays

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Tops & dresses

How to measure

Length: measure from the top of the shoulder seam down to the hem.

Bust: measure around the fullest part, placing the tape close up under the arms.

Waist: measure around the narrowest part of your body, under your navel.

Hip: measure 8 in (20 cm) down from your waist.


Table can be moved left/right.


How to measure

Rise: measure from the top of the waistband down to the bottom of the crotch seam.

Inseam: measure from the top of the crotch down to the hem.

Waist: measure around the narrowest part of your body, under your navel.

Knee opening: measurement of the circumference around the knee.

Leg opening: measurement of the circumference of the bottom of the hem.

SizeUSAUKEUWaist (cm)

Table can be moved left/right.

Pants & Skirts

How to measure

Bust: Measure your chest around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra that fits

Waist: Measure your waist around the narrowest point of your waist

Hips: Measure your seat around the fullest part of your seat


Table can be moved left/right.



Table can be moved left/right.

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